Commuter Programs

TransAction Associates is the first consulting firm in Massachusetts to specialize in the design and implementation of on-site employer commuting programs. Our results have consistently empowered employers and employees alike. We have a rich history of providing guidance and expertise on implementing and managing commuter service programs and incentives.

eCommuter is a service of TransAction Associates, customizes commuter assistance programs and matches commuters with potential rideshare partners to help reduce expenses and protect the environment.

Today, we continue to craft unique programs to fit the culture, needs, and budgets of our clients. Our programs and services help clients reduce the environmental impact and overall expenses associated with the commuting process.

Our data has proven our programs to help lower employee stress levels, improve time management and absenteeism issues, and decrease transportation-related emissions and excess fuel consumption.

With TransAction Associates, every managed client is assigned a Transportation Coordinator (TC) to personally help employees understand and enact efficient resolutions.

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