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eCommuter is an employer-based program designed to encourage you to find a “greener” way to commute like carpooling, vanpooling, taking public transportation, walking, bicycling, or telecommuting. eCommuter is brought to you by TransAction Associates, Inc.

TransAction Associates works with employers across the country to help them establish custom commuter programs that can assist them in recruiting and retaining employees and reducing the employees cost of commuting.

TransAction Associates has been working in the field of Transportation Demand Management since 1990. Collaborating with private sector leaders across the country, including chambers of commerce, diverse client firms, transportation agencies, state legislators, and community leaders, TransAction works to improve public transit, and on projects like rapid transit corridor studies.

This unique eCommuter service is focused on providing more transportation options for commuters while making better connections between urban areas, suburbs, rural communities, cities, counties and states throughout the Country.

Designed to help commuters make the transition from driving alone to a convenient ridesharing option we strive to improve air quality, public health, and roadway operations by promoting the use of sustainable travel options and other TDM strategies.

eCommuter includes services such as commuter ridematching, emergency ride home and a number of other employer services. To find out more about the programs Transaction Associates has to offer, browse our website, or call a TransAction eCommuter representative today at 1-781-895-1100.


  • Car-sharing can help improve your country’s economic condition too by reducing dependency on foreign oil by as much as 40%.

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  • Vanpool participants report saving up to $2,000 or more a year on gas, car maintenance, and wear and tear as well as reduced stress and commuting time.

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  • There are about a billion bicycles in the world. Each year some 50 million bicycles are produced.

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  • Jean Beliveau walked a distance of 46,000 miles over the course of 11 years. He spent over a decade walking through 64 countries!

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