Welcome to eCommuter

eCommuter is a web-based commuter tool designed to help you explore your commuting options. When you sign up to join eCommuter, you will have access to:

  • Ridematching to find a carpool, vanpool, bike and/or transit partner. Joining eCommuter provides members an easy way to match find others who live and work near you and want to share the ride. Our Ridematching tool is flexible and helps you to design a commute that best works with your needs and schedule!
  • The Commute Calendar where you can log your daily commute and learn about your travel habits and track emissions savings.
  • The Commute Cost Calculator where you can see just how much you save when you share the ride to work.
  • The Emergency Ride Home Program. Leave your car at home and commute in a carpool, by transit, biking, or walking and you may be eligible for this employer-provided commuter insurance policy. If you would like to stop driving alone and get to work another way, but you’re worried that if an emergency arises you won’t be able to get home, to the doctor, or to daycare quickly. No need to worry, ERH guarantees emergency transportation home via Lyft™, taxi or rental car at no cost to you!

eCommuter is a commuter toolbox designed by TransAction Associates, Inc., a woman operated, owned and founded company. Have questions? You can always email us at info@ecommuter.org or call representative today at 781-895-1100.

Commuter Tools


    Don’t get stranded. The Emergency Ride Home is an employer-provided commuter benefit.

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  • Register for Emergency Ride Home

    Match with others who have similar schedules are routes.

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  • Find a Ridematch for Carpools and Vanpools

    Log in and log your commute to see the savings add up!

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  • Log your commute to work

    Calculate environmental and financial savings of various transportation options.

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  • Calculate your commute cost savings
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