Emergency Ride Home Program Guidelines


To get started, create an ERH Profile. You will be able to update, modify or delete your profile at any time.

Already a Registered Participant?
If you are already a member with a profile, just log in using your e-mail address and password. If you have forgotten your ERH password, a new one can be provided to you with a just a click. You can update or delete your profile at any time.
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Who is eligible to use the Emergency Ride Home Program?:
• Must be an employee of a participating company
• Must commute by carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, or transit
• Must be pre-registered. Click here to pre-register

Valid Reasons for Use:
• Illness/severe crisis of participant or immediate family member
• When your carpool/vanpool partners have an emergency
• Unscheduled overtime if approved by your employer
• Anyone driving or who is a passenger in a carpool/vanpool may use the taxi service if they are incapable of driving themselves home

Invalid Reasons for Use:
• Personal errands/appointments
• Business-related travel
• Working late without supervisors’ approval
• Injury on the job (workers comp)
• Early departure due to inclement weather or utility failure

Here is how it typically works:
• Follow the instructions in your ERH registration packet. For a copy of your registration packet, please contact your transportation coordinator.
• If there are extenuating circumstances, we ask participants to use their judgment about which service is best for them to use.
• When applicable, a supervisor signs off on the voucher form (included in the packet), to verify the emergency at the time of the use.
• Depending on your employer’s program, a voucher form may need to be completed (one copy sent to the provider, one sent to the Transportation Coordinator).
• There are some restrictions on the number of times in a six-month period that you can use this service since it is designed to be reserved for serious emergencies, generally a maximum of two times in any six-month period.
• We ask that you use only the approved service providers listed in the instructions, these are the vendors with whom we have established accounts for this program.

You can use the Emergency Ride Program to get you:
• To your home
• To a public transportation connection point
• To a Hospital/Doctor’s office in the event of sudden illness
• Another appropriate destination that has been pre-approved by your Transportation Program Coordinator

We hope you never have to use the Emergency Ride Home Program, but it’s there for you if you need it. As you would expect with a program of this kind, any inappropriate use of the service would require the employee to reimburse all expenses incurred.
As an added bonus, log your commute option trips into the online Commute Calendar and you will receive a report on how “green” your commute savings are!

Call the Transportation Coordinator at your company, or call TransAction Associates directly at 781.895.1100 for additional information on how you can take advantage of Emergency Ride Home Program – the Commuter’s Insurance Policy.

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