Commuters ask us every type of question. If you’re not sure about any of eCommuter’s services, we hope we’ve addressed them here. You should be able to find just the information you’re looking for. If you don’t see it, just give us a call at 1-781-895-1100.

Ridesharing Questions:

If I do not live in the Greater Boston and eastern Massachusetts area, can I still apply for eCommuter’s services?
• Yes. eCommuter offers transportation assistance to any company throughout the U.S. If your company name does not appear on our Worksite Finder, please call us at 781-895-1100 for assistance in your area.

Will eCommuter make my customer information available to any other organizations?
• Never. Your information will never be distributed to other organizations.

How can I get my company to participate in eCommuter’s programs?
• Just ask your Human Resources manager, office manager or operations manager to visit our website or give us a call at 781-895-1100. We’ll provide them with all the info they need.

If I sign up for ridesharing, do I have commit to 5 days a week?
• No, the average carpooler shares a ride 3 times a week. The more you carpool, the more you benefits you enjoy – greater savings, a lot less stress, and an increase in productivity.

If I sign up for carpooling, do I have to carpool with the suggested candidates?
• No, you are under no obligation. We simply provide the information you need to form a carpool.

I have an irregular work schedule. Would I still be able to carpool?
• Yes. One of the really flexible and helpful things about our online ride matching service is that it helps you find other commuters with similar schedules.

What happens if I have errands to take care of, an appointment with a doctor, or a child to bring to daycare or school?
• Carpooling is a flexible arrangement between you and the other riders. It will be fairly easy to fit appointments, errands and other events into your carpool schedule. You just need to be a bit flexible. Towards this end and to be respectful to your fellow riders, schedule doctors’ appointments on days when you’re not carpooling. If, for example, you have an off-site meeting to get to on a carpool day, schedule it for a day that you are driving. If you have a child to drop off at school, maybe you can meet your carpool partner(s) at the school or at a nearby Park & Ride lot.

How can I be make certain that I’m with a safe rider or driver?
• You can call potential carpool partners and discuss driving safety. Before you get in a car with somebody, you may want to meet the person to see if he or she is a trustworthy person. If you still feel unsure, you could also ask for personal references. If it simply doesn’t seem like a good fit, just try one of the other matches from your list.

What if I have to work late, or have an emergency?
• First of all, notify the other riders in your carpool or vanpool. It’s very important to do this right away. If you are the driver that day, then they will need time to make alternate arrangements. If you’re a passenger, however, you can take a cab home and get fully reimbursed through the TransAction eCommuter Emergency Ride Home program (limitations apply).

Carpool Questions 

What exactly is carpooling?
• Carpooling is when two or more adult commuters ride together in a private automobile on a regular basis, regardless of their relationship to each other (relatives count!) or how the cost of sharing the ride is agreed upon.

Is it hard to find a Carpool Match?
Finding someone to carpool with can be easy. Nationally he average commute time is 25.5 minutes. So, employees often live close to their work site. Neighbors may have similar work schedules and work at different companies located only a short distance apart.

Do I need a car in order to carpool?
A car is not required for you to carpool. A carpool can be arranged in one of these ways:
• One person might drive all the time and passengers contribute to the commute cost (gas, tolls, parking, etc.).
• A carpool driver may pick up passengers at their homes, or they may meet at a convenient and central location.

What advantages are there to carpooling?
There are countless advantages to carpooling. Here are just a few:
• Save money by sharing commuting costs
• Reduction in traffic congestion
• Reduces or eliminates the need for parking
• Much less work commute stress
• Significantly less pollution due to auto emissions

If there’s an emergency, or I have to work late and don’t have my car, what do I do?
• eCommuter will provide carpool registrants with four free taxi rides. From work to home each year should you have an emergency or have to work unscheduled overtime. For more information, be sure to ask us about our Emergency Ride Home Program.
*certain restrictions apply

I heard that carpooling makes the commute longer. True?
• There is an initial adjustment period, but after that most participants find that carpooling only adds a few extra minutes a day for the drive to a scheduled pick-up location. That is good trade-off when you consider the cost savings.

I know I’ll need my car for errands during the day, so can I still carpool?
• It is important to schedule changes with the rest of your carpool group. You may decide to establish your pick-up location point close to a mall or a bank in order to accommodate errands after work. Perhaps you’ll choose not to carpool on days when you need to run errands.

I need to meet the carpool in a location that is not my home. Is this possible?
• Yes. There are hundreds of Park-and-Ride lots available across the country for commuters to meet their carpools, vanpools or buses. To find a Park-and-Ride location nearest to you contact eCommuter at 781-895-1100.

What is the best way to find a Carpool Partner?
• You might need another person for an existing carpool, or you maybe you need to find partners to form a new carpool. Regardless of the scenario, eCommuter can help you. With the use of eCommuter, carpool partners are located through an online matching program that matches commuters who have similar commutes.  First, you need to access our online ride match program. Once you are in the program, you can register for carpooling, vanpooling, Bike Buddies, and/or the Emergency Ride Home Program. You will immediately see if you match with other potential carpool or vanpool partners. Note: Your personal information is confidential.

Does it cost me anything to receive a carpool match list from TransAction?
• No. eCommuter ridematching is a free carpool referral service. This service is provided to you by your employer to enhance your commute and the economic vitality of region. The added benefit is the reduction of roadway congestion, fuel consumption and air pollution.


Why choose vanpooling?
• Especially today, riding in a vanpool can save you a significant amount on commuting costs. It is a comfortable way to travel and it provides lots of room for passengers. If you’d prefer not to drive, and you live in an area that’s not immediately accessible by mass transit, a vanpool is a great solution.

How many people are usually in a vanpool van?
• Typically it is anywhere from 7 to 15. Remember that vans can vary in size, based on occupancy.

Can I join an existing vanpool?
• Yes, confirm in advance that the vanpool is going a similar route. Get starting right away by registering online now to see what’s available. If there’s an existing vanpool, you will see it listed.

How does eCommuter form vanpools?
• We first run ridematch reports and we map out the results to see if there are enough interested people in a given area. If there are, we then notify you. Next, if the group is interested it, we will coordinate a meeting with the group the van provider to go over the leasing and all other details.

Who decides on participants involved and stops to be taken?
• The group collectively must reach a consensus on exactly who is joining. TransAction eCommuter will help you out to identify possible stops. The group eventually decides which stops will be the most convenient for those involved.

What is the cost involved to vanpool?
• Typically, the monthly cost for leasing a van starts at around $1,000. It is based upon the number of riders and mileage. The full cost is divided among the riders.

That sounds great, but am I committed to a vanpool once I join?
• You should only join a vanpool if you plan to be in it for a while. However, if you’re not happy, you’re not obligated to stay. The vanpool company will often cover the cost for an empty seat for three months.

Is the van insured?
• Yes. Vans normally have full coverage. All maintenance and repairs are covered, as well.

Do vanpoolers have to work at the same company?
• No. We match commuters from neighboring companies to ensure that each van has the maximum number of riders.

Will my costs go up if someone leaves the vanpool?
• Not unless there’s an empty seat for more than 3 months.

What if I have to work late or have an emergency?
• First, notify the vanpool driver that you won’t be able to travel with your group. It’s important to do this right away. You can take a cab home and get fully reimbursed through TransAction eCommuter’s Emergency Ride Home program (limitations apply).


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