Transaction’s eCommuter Rideshare Program makes it easy for you to start a vanpool!

Vanpool – A group of 7 to 15 people who commute together in a minivan or passenger van. Vanpools generally work best and provide the greatest savings for groups that have commutes of at least 20 miles each way.

Vanpooling has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional commuting because of its many benefits.

• Reduces wear and tear on personal vehicles
• Reduces driving costs
• Helps reduce air pollution by decreasing the number of vehicles on our roadways
• Provides more free time for riders
• Reduces commuting stress
• Allows riders to share the responsibility of driving
• Saves commuting time due to High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane access

A vanpool is an ideal solution if you work somewhat far from home, have limited access to mass transit, and wish to limit the amount of time spent behind the wheel.

With a group of 7 to 15 passengers splitting the costs, a vanpool can save individual commuters a significant amount of money. Click to find out how you can save money on your commute.

In addition, personal vehicles are spared from the wear and tear of a daily commute. Participants may even be eligible for certain tax benefits.

The vehicle used for a vanpool can be provided by a company that specializes in vanpooling, by an employer, or by one of the vanpool participants.

Although some vanpools use a vehicle owned by a member of the group, most lease their van from a third-party provider with assistance from TransAction staff. The lease includes all maintenance costs and insurance, and does not require a long-term financial obligation.

TransAction staff will do most of the work for you, including contacting prospective vanpool members and making lease arrangements. Together with our leasing provider, TransAction can help you:

1. Find a qualified primary driver
2. Find a designated backup driver
3. Advertise for and enroll participants

Using the commuter profiles in our online Ridematching Database, eCommuter, we can match potential vanpool riders based on location and work hours. We can also provide posters for display at your workplace and arrange an informal “Zip Code” meeting at your worksite.

Once the initial pieces are in place, we will set a start date and create a timeline to get your vanpool on the road.

Additionally, TransAction staff will determine the basic vanpool route, pick-up and drop-off times, and convenient meeting places, such as Park and Ride lots or shopping centers.

We will even take the guess work out of budgeting by estimating monthly vanpool expenses. Typically, costs for the van lease, gas, and tolls are split between passengers and vary based on miles traveled. The vanpool driver gets a free ride! Another service TransAction provides is setting up the vanpool policies and a schedule for payment.

TransAction will exchange important information, ensuring that your vanpool has emergency contact information and any necessary medical information for each rider.

We will also help find replacement riders. If someone leaves your vanpool, we’ll help you find a new rider and the van provider will even cover any added costs associated with an empty seat for up to three months.

Register now to find vanpool or carpool partners online. It’s fast and easy!

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