Alternative transportation programs, including ridesharing, substantially reduce traffic congestion, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and can save millions of dollars in commuting and parking costs.

However, matching thousands (or tens of thousands) of travelers with rides, keeping information up to date, and generating the many required reports can be extremely challenging and time-consuming tasks.

This is where TransAction’s powerful and feature-filled ridematching system comes in…

  • Whether you manage ridesharing for one office or for an entire region, our ridesharing management software offers easy-to-use web-based software that manages and delivers ridesharing and other alternative commuting services.
  • eCommuter contains an online directory of public and alternative transportation options for those who would like to share a ride or carpool and for those who do not own a car at all.
  • eCommuter is also for those who would prefer to join a vanpool, take mass transit, bike to work, walk to work, or utilize Park & Ride facilities.
  • The website offers a place to look at how to get from one location to another in a local community or region through a searchable database.
  • The search results will match the specific transportation needs you describe and state who is eligible, how much it costs, and how to arrange for a ride.
  • Local and community transportation providers can add and update their services through links at
  • eCommuter provides affordable and effective travel options by leveraging the power of the community. This service is cost-effective compared to commuting alone, and it’s also dependable. Our route processing technology associates nearby towns and zip codes to do the searching for you.

Just save your ride request – Once you do, we’ll let you know of new matches via email.
Whichever way you use eCommuter, the added benefits are that you’ll be meeting new people, making new friends, and improving both your health and the environment—all while saving money!

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