Here are some questions and answers to consider before partaking in a Bike to Work program, whether you are new to the idea, or whether you are experienced at biking to your place of employment.

What is the eCommuter Bike Buddy Program?
Our Bike Buddy Program is a service provided by eCommuter that matches bicycle commuters with one another. The goal of the Bike Buddy Program is to encourage more residents of New England and across the US to try bicycle commuting, and to ultimately increase the amount of trips made by bicycle.

New to bicycling in traffic?
Share a ride with a neighbor, coworker or other bicyclist, and learn what it takes to ride on urban and suburban streets safely. The more riders there are in a group, the safer the ride.

Have you been commuting by bicycle for years?

Share your experiences on the ins and outs of riding on urban and suburban streets safely, and enjoy your ride with others.

Is recreational cycling your area of expertise?
Add commuting to your repertoire, and then find the best route to your place of work.

Additionally, those who regularly commute to work by bicycle may be eligible for our Emergency Ride Home Program, which provides up to four cab rides home per year if a qualified, unscheduled event occurs during the work day.

Need more reason to bicycle to and from work?
Here are just some of the benefits:

• Avoid unhealthy traffic congestion
• Help to improve air quality
• Save on gas
• Avoid parking costs
• Increase your physical activity
• Reduce your stress and the stress of others
• Be a member of the bike commuting community
• Feel the thrill you get from bike riding

OK, so how do I sign up?
• Create a new registration, or modify an existing record on eCommuter.
• You will be given access to a list of other bicyclists. Once into the program and you’ve received your list, contact the other cyclists and arrange a time to meet to discuss your route.
• You will then be ready to begin your bike commute.

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