ERH Registration


Great news!
Your employer is participating in the TransAction Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program to encourage you to try carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, biking or walking to work. This program guarantees you free transportation home in case of an emergency when you meet the requirements and pre-register to participate.

Would you like to join a carpool but have been afraid you could stranded at work if you have an emergency and need to leave during the day? That’s one big reason to sign up for the Emergency Ride Home Program. Read the program description below, and click “I accept” to continue on and register to join the program.

How does the program work?
Hopefully you will never need to use the service, but if you do here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Call the taxi or rental car agency that has been contracted to work on this program, it’s listed in your instruction packet.
  2.  Note the account number on your membership card if the vendor needs it.
  3.  If your destination is less than 10 miles away, call the taxi to pick you up within 30 minutes and take you where you need to go (the program pays for the fare and the tip).
  4.  If your destination is more than 10 miles away, you can use the rental car option. Just call Enterprise and they will pick you up and get you a car at no cost to you. Just return the car to the most convenient rental center within 24 hours and be sure to replace any fuel that you used.

As long as you are eligible for the Emergency Ride Home, the service can be used between 2 and 6 times per year depending on the circumstances and the details of your specific program. Remember, you must be enrolled in the program in advance to use it so sign-up today. Your membership card is your program ID so keep it in safe place when it arrives, you will need to have it in your possession in order to use the service.

I have read the information above and understand it. I understand that the complete program guidelines including valid uses of the Emergency Ride Home Program will be mailed to me when my registration is complete and it is my responsibility to review them completely and ensure that I comply with them.

I certify that I qualify for the program because I either carpool, vanpool, take transit, bike or walk to work. I understand that this program is only for use on the days that I have used one of these methods to get to work. Incorrect use of this service will result in my responsibility for reimbursement of the expenses incurred and possible restriction from using the service again.

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